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screen shots from the Activity: "Help Drover round up the herd."


This is a small version of the title screen.

The title screen runs an animation of Drover chasing a longhorn. This shows the object of the game and tells the visitors what to avoid.


One activity screen looks like this:


Hank tells Drover to move the longhorn to the barn.

The visitors use their mouse to make Drover move around the ranch. When Drover get close to the Longhorn and barks, the Longhorn backs away.

If Drover makes the cow hit a fence, it crashes down and there is a time penalty

If Drover gets touches the longhorn it will charge and moo. This sends Drover running for cover under the gas tank. When the visitor moves the mouse over Drover, he gets his nerve again and can get back to work.

A timer keeps track of how long it takes Drover to move the longhorn to the barn.

The is what screen looks like after the longhorn is put away:

The location of the fences and longhorn change each time the activity is used.

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