The Investigating Air activity requires shockwave.

To play the activity at you must have a Shockwave plug-in installed on your computer Shockwave is a free plug-in that enables interactive multimedia on the web, and is available for Mac and Windows.

The neat part of Shockwave is that it allows for very complex activities with very little downloads for the user. This air activity is only 45K... about 10 - 30 seconds on a modem, and instant on a faster connection.

Shockwave is currently installed on 41.6 % of internet user's machines, and it is now part of the standard installation for both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

For more information on the Shockwave plug-in please visit the Shockwave information page.

If you would like to use the activity, Download the free Shockwave Plug-in from Macromedia.

Then return to

Meanwhile, these are some non-interactive screen shots of the activity.

Each of the items (including a whole group of fans) are all interactive. The feather floats down, the balloons are variously buoyant, the bubble blower makes pop-able bubble.

And they all respond to the placement of the fans. A fan automatically turned on when it is dragged off the ground.

Using the various tools and objects together can lead to some interesting explorations and learning opportunities.





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